Publish Your First Book After You Buy YouTube Views


What a nice change of scenery this may be for some of you. Perhaps you are still quite new to this environment. Let us quickly and briefly introduce this to you so that you can get back to working on your manuscript and also putting together a rather different looking book proposal. This form of book proposal may not be conventional but it is being done often enough these days. What is happening is this. Instead of actually writing the book proposal, you will be talking to potential editors and their publishers about what you propose for them via a YouTube video portal.

You still have your work cut out for you, mind you. Look and learn, as they say. Learn how to utilize the YouTube tools available to you to maximum advantage. The result will, however, still be a generalized presentation to a very broad market from which there will still only be a much smaller band of web visitors who are indeed working as commissioning agents for publishing firms, large and small alike. But rest assured these editors are always on the lookout for new publishing material. Making their work a lot easier is the sterling work being done by independent literary agents.

Just as much as you have yours, they have their work cut out too. You can make your book proposal work and their casting work a lot easier when you buy YouTube views while you are still revising your video proposal. To help matters along, you should also be interested in purchasing YouTube comments and likes as well. The literary agents do spend time online but the volumes of written proposals they receive every year will be high enough to keep them more than busy. It may yet be a breath of fresh air to rather view a nicely packaged YouTube video presentation for a minute or so instead.

But they must still be alerted to the fact that there is a new literary star in the making. This is a possibility through the work of the YouTube views. High volumes of traffic are filtered directly to your video. In the process, there is a fair to better chance that agents on the lookout for new material will also be directed to your work. What helps to catch their eye are the comments being passed about what you propose to write about. The YouTube comments are inherently positive and, as always, that is good for business, even in the highly competitive and constrained book publishing world.

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Better prospects for having your work published are in the offing now that e-book publishing is being promoted as an alternative to traditional book publishing. There is also digital publishing made compatible for viewing on all platforms and devices to be considered. Utilize the digital tools available to you and make light work of your book proposal work by buying YouTube views, comments and likes.